Baby & New-born Care

Having a baby is a momentous occasion but caring for the newborn in the beginning can sometimes be overwhelming especially for first time parents. To assist parents care for their bundle of joy during the first few days, Health at home has introduced “Welcome Baby Home care “package.

As part of this package, our licensed Nurses will visit the new mother in the comfort of your home to assist them to understand and learn the basics of personal care functions like, changing, dressing and bathing your baby safely. They will also counsel the mother on Breast feeding, Stump care, Circumcision care and answer any other personal care queries that the mother may have.

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Services offered as part of the package are

  • Assisting in Breastfeeding
  • Ensuring proper latch on
  • Baby bath Demo
  • Diaper change demo
  • Swaddling
  • Burping
  • Lifting and carrying techniques
  • Techniques to calm baby
  • Education on Stump care
  • Circumcision care
  • Information on vaccination

To ensure the new mother is supported during the first critical weeks, the package includes 3 visits by our staff, with 2 visits being in the first week of the baby going home and a follow up visit in the subsequent week to ensure the mother and baby are doing fine. In addition our 24hour Nursing care helpline will also be available to answer any queries that the mother may have towards caring for her new-born.