Post Discharge Care program

Being discharged from the hospital is something that all patients and their family members look forward to but often times once home, we find that there are many queries/confusion or not adequate support to take care of the recovering patient.

Our post discharge care program is designed to assist you or your loved one transition and recover comfortably at home with the help and support of our trained and qualified healthcare team.

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Post Discharge Care Services

The program includes the following services and you may choose one or all of them as per your requirement:

  • 24-hour on-call support for questions and urgent matters

  • Nurse visit at home to do a thorough assessment and check on various aspects of recovery

  • Nursing visits to carry out procedures like – administration of IV injections, wound dressings, catheter care and changing, feeding tube insertion and care etc. 

  • Home delivery of consumables and other items